Another Month Later

Happy June, bloglings!

Well, now that I’ve officially made some of those big, scary life changes I vaguely referred to in my last post, and now that I have a week off and time to spare, I can finally write about things more clearly.

In short, things with my job were going south. I was working in a very career driven company, and I’m not a hugely career driven person – my mom, who has done everything from nursing to bookselling to PR has been my role model for that. On top of that, all the career discussions made me realize that the career path the company was offering just wasn’t the right fit for me. So, I decided to move on. I applied for a whopping TWO positions, somehow got in-person interviews for both, and after some trials and turmoil finally got an offer – an amazing offer – from one of those companies. I will be working at the same pharmaceutical company where my roommate works (carpool!), where I’ll be compiling clinical study reports and editing them. LOTS of editing. And while I realize this sounds awful to a lot of other people, it’s right up my alley. My happy place is imagining myself sitting crosslegged in an office of my own, editing huge manuscripts while Bob Marley plays in the background. And now I’ll get to do just that.

In hindsight, and written in one paragraph, the transition sounds easy, but it WAS actually big and scary. I’m still pretty newly on my own in the ‘real world,’ and I was really blessed to find a great job, a great roommate, and a great relationship. Then, suddenly, my job wasn’t great, my relationship wasn’t great, and even roomie and I had some rough patches. It felt like everything was going to crumble. Thankfully, things are all coming together again. I start the new gig on Monday, roomie and I are fantastic again, and Trouble – after TWO MONTHS – finally deigned to send a text my way.

So what am I doing with my week off? Not much. That’s my goal. I had considered planning a trip to San Francisco or some other place, but I realized that I needed time to just unwind and relax. I used to be able to do that, and now it’s surprisingly difficult to feel like I don’t need to accomplish 80 things every day. Today, I’m accomplishing writing on my blog, but I’m sitting on my deck with a huge iced coffee and a cat on my lap while I write. I could get used to this.


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