One Month Later

It’s been a month since my last post, and I’ve been making some big, kind of scary life changes. Back in September, I made my leap into the “real world,” and since then I realized that there were aspects of my new life that just weren’t right for me. I’ve always been concerned with making others happy, to the point of becoming a bit of a doormat, and I’m finally realizing that I need to make my own happiness a priority.

That being said, Trouble is out of the picture. I suspected we weren’t going anywhere, I suspected I wasn’t the only girl in the picture, and I suspected correctly. Eventually, he blew up over the most tiny, insignificant non-argument possible, so I made the call and decided we were done. Sadly, we haven’t spoken since then – a few weeks, at this point – when we absolutely could have salvaged this and turned it into a friendship.

Meanwhile, I’ve been hanging out with Greg. It’s nothing official, and I wouldn’t even say that we’re dating. We’re just hanging out and having fun. He’s communicative, pretty reliable, and completely outrageous, and he’s a “say what you mean and mean what you say” sort of guy, so regardless of what our association with each other is, I like having him around.

I hate this post already, so I’m ending it here right now. It feels too dreary. I’m in a weird transitional phase as I’m making my changes, but things are looking up. I’ll post again when things are a little more settled and I have some solid, good news. Deal? Deal.


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