A Little Epiphany

I’m horrified. It’s been almost three months since I last posted. This blog – along with another, more specific one that I’ve been meaning to start – are among many, many things that have gone neglected during the past few months, as I’ve gotten more and more busy and drained.

Let me sum up what’s happened since late January. I’m still dating Trouble – I’ve met his family, and he’s met mine. I’ve still been hitting the town and exploring Boston’s nightlife. I had my first series of panic attacks, which led to my first Xanax prescription and is also leading to my first appointment with a shrink.

I just got back from a long weekend in the Fingerlakes – a girls’ wine weekend with Steph and my sister – and I had a little epiphany while I was out there. The towns out there are SO tiny. We stayed in Hammondsport, which has a town square… and that’s about it. There’s one restaurant where everyone seems to eat every day. There’s one pub. There’s one place we found that served breakfast. Everyone knows everyone. I get freaked out by tiny towns like that. After talking to one of the guys who lives there and works at a nearby winery though, I realized there’s something appealing about the small town mentality. I’m not saying I’ll ever live in a place like that – unless I’m spending some time in a quiet place to, say, write my debut novel – but as he talked about spending his days drinking wine and talking to customers in the winery, spending the evening in the restaurant and pub with his friends, walking back to his house, and waking up the next day happy to be doing the same thing…. that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I didn’t understand the appeal of the slower-paced lifestyle before, but I’m understanding it more and more.

I’ve been really, really busy. There are some things I desperately need to get around to. There are friends I’ve neglected and need to call. I feel awful about it. I need to adjust my priorities and make some changes in my life. And, if I ever get a spare moment, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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