Here piggy piggy piggy

Guess what, chickadees? I have the flu. But no, it’s not actually the swine flu, as far as I know. Now, part of me wants to duck my head in shame and say ‘sorry’ for all those times I pooh-poohed the flu vaccine, but a bigger part of me is still standing firm on the fact that I’m young and healthy and my body should learn how to handle this on its own. Would the vaccine have saved me from feeling pretty crappy and missing a day of work? Possibly. But do I feel like I need to be bedridden in a hospital? No. In fact, I didn’t know I had the flu until I saw a list of flu symptoms on WebMD and said, “Oh look, I have the flu.”

So, we’re going to play a little game called How-Long-Til-Nyquil-Kicks-In. I took Nyquil at 10:05 PM. We’ll see how long I can type before I fall asleep. Or until I give up on the Nyquil ever knocking me out and make a call to the bullpen of my medicine cabinet.

A couple of quick updates:

  1. I might adopt a cat. Re needs a playmate to keep him company during the day, and I need to get started on becoming a crazy cat lady.
  2. There’s been a weird sort of something slowly brewing with a certain dude friend (who may or may not have been mentioned on this blog before) that reached a new level of Whoa over New Year’s. Too early to say what’s going to happen there.
  3. A friend of mine started this neat campaign to have one adventure for each week of 2010 and document it in some way. A lot of people have hopped on board, including me. The flu makes adventures a little tough, so I’m gunning for two next week. I may have to call on Trouble to take me out on the town.

Nyquil kind of sucks. Does this stuff actually knock anyone out?


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